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Non statutory audit:

Many small businesses don’t need to have an audit by law. However many of our clients still choose to have one, as there are tremendous benefits available for example:

  • Achieve best price when selling business,
  • Financial institutions such as banks are more comfortable to provide finance,
  • Keep credit insurers and suppliers happy,
  • Keep customers confident,
  • Give you assurance in terms of internal controls and accurate results.

Statutory audit:

If your business is not a small company, there is a requirement of audit by law: (According to the UK’s Companies Act 2006 a small company is defined as one that does not have a:

  • An annual turnover of no more than £10.2 million
  • Assets worth no more than £5.1 million
  • 50 or fewer employees on average

If your business meet 2 out of the above requirements, your business still require account to be audited by independent auditor. However above may not apply for charities and not for profit organization.

At Goldstar:

We have been providing audit and assurance services to small and medium size companies which include following sectors.

  • Educational institutions,
  • Wholesale and retail,
  • Charities,
  • Not for profit organizations,
  • Solicitors accountant reports,

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